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Rotec, adjustable beds


“With my electric bed, I can now easily adjust my position for reading, watching TV, or sleeping.”

Lit ajustable confort Innovation

“Since purchasing a Rotec adjustable bed, I sleep much better at night and no longer disturb my wife.”

Lit ajustable confort

“Since our facility purchased Rotec beds, the caregivers have had a much easier time thanks to the many helpful features.”

Lit ajustable soin à domicile

“My patients love their Rotec adjustable beds, which are so easy to use and give them much more independence.”

Lit ajustable soin à domicile

“Before getting my Rotec adjustable bed, I could barely get out of bed without help. It changed my everyday life, I couldn’t do without it now!”

Lit ajustable soin à domicile

“The multiple features and accessories that come with Rotec adjustable beds make caring for our patients much easier, and patients also feel safer in the process.”

Lit ajustable hopitalier Versatech

“The training offered by Rotec to our employees helped us discover the full potential offered by the products and so optimizing their use during patient care.”

Lit ajustable Soin longue durée

“Rotec hospital beds are extremely technologically advanced and truly meet our needs.”


“My Rotec adjustable bed is extremely comfortable. I can change positions easily and the mechanism is really quiet.”

Lit ajustable confort Excellence

“Having a bed that adapts to the different types of patients we treat is definitely an asset for our unit.”

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